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Dragee Peanuts with Coconut chips and Cocoa

Dragee Peanuts with Coconut chips and Cocoa

Peanut Dragees with Coconut Shavings and Cocoa: Discover the perfect combination of peanuts, delicate coconut shavings, and exquisite cocoa. Each dragee will take you on a unique flavor journey where the combination of textures and flavors creates a true delight, adding a special elegance and unique taste.
Thanks to their protein and healthy fat content, dragees can provide a feeling of satiety and long-lasting energy. Moreover, the nuts and seeds we use in dragees are valuable sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This makes dragees not only a tasty indulgence but also a beneficial component in your diet.
Dragee is packaged in convenient 80-gram pouches, providing you with a delicious treat in a compact format. It's the perfect option for dragee enthusiasts who want to savor its taste in small portions or take it with them on the go or for a stroll.
Choose the appropriate-sized packaging and enjoy dragee in a convenient and practical form, always having an ample amount of this delicious treat at hand.

Flavor: Peanut, Cocoa, and Coconut

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