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Halva Sunflower Packed in Flow-pack, 300 g

Halva Sunflower Packed in Flow-pack, 300 g

Experience the exquisite taste of sunflower halva with sugar that will captivate your heart. The delicate combination of natural ingredients and sweetness creates a true taste paradise.
Halva possesses a unique blend of crunchy fibers and a smooth paste, creating an interesting play of textures and a delightful sensation while consuming it.In addition to its exquisite taste and rich aromas, halva is also a nutritious and satisfying dessert. With its natural ingredients and valuable nutrients, halva provides a sense of satiety and energy. Rich in plant oils and proteins, it serves as a source of sustained energy and can be an excellent choice for a snack or for replenishing energy after physical activity. Moreover, halva has a low cholesterol and sugar content, making it an appealing option for health-conscious individuals. Allow yourself to enjoy halva and experience the pleasure of its taste and nutritional benefits!
Discover a generous portion of our halva with our 300 g packaging. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy savoring halva over an extended period or for family tea gatherings.

Flavor: Plain

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