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Sunflower Halva with Cherry Packed in Flow-pack, 60 g

Sunflower Halva with Cherry Packed in Flow-pack, 60 g

Sunflower Halva with Cherry:
Indulge in the incomparable taste of sunflower halva with cherry - it's a true enchantment for your taste receptors. The incredibly delicate combination of sunflower halva with juicy cherry creates the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. Each piece of halva is wrapped in the aromatic hue of cherry, which brings you true pleasure with every bite. Allow yourself to savor this unique dessert that awakens the most tender and sweet emotions within you. Indulge in the true taste of authentic halva, traditionally made from natural ingredients. Discover the richness and depth of flavor that has made halva so popular for centuries.
Halva is a versatile product that can be used in various recipes. It can serve as a base for desserts, be added to baked goods, used as a filling for candies, or simply enjoyed on its own as a delicious treat.
Enjoy a serving of delicious halva with our 60 g packaging. This packaging is ideal for a quick snack on the go, whether you're at work, on a trip, on vacation, on a business trip, or on a picnic with friends or family.


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