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Fried Peauts Salted "FRIENDLY"

Fried Peauts Salted "FRIENDLY"

Roasted Salted Peanuts: Experience the classic version of roasted peanuts with a touch of salt. Each golden peanut kernel offers a unique crunch and salty taste, making it the perfect snack for you.
Roasted salted peanuts with various flavors are a true must-have for snack enthusiasts. Whether it's salt, cheese, or bacon, each variant adds a unique touch to the peanuts, creating an explosion of flavors that harmonize with the taste enhancements. No matter which variant you choose, roasted salted peanuts with different flavors will be an excellent choice for snacking, parties, or simply enjoying the taste at any time of the day.
35 grams: A compact and portable format, perfect for those who enjoy having a pocket-sized snack at hand. With its small size, you can easily take it on the go, to work, or during workouts to enjoy the aromatic roasted peanuts anytime, anywhere.

Flavor: Peanut

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