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Sunflower Halva on Fructose (sugar free) Packed in Flow-pack, 350 g

Sunflower Halva on Fructose (sugar free) Packed in Flow-pack, 350 g

Sunflower Halva with Fructose (Sugar-Free): Indulge in the impeccable taste of sunflower halva sweetened with fructose, the perfect choice for those who prefer natural sweets without added sugar.
Our halva offers sugar-free options, as well as options without gluten or other allergens, to cater to various dietary needs. You can enjoy the taste of halva even if you have specific dietary restrictions.In addition to its exquisite taste and rich aromas, halva is also a nutritious and satisfying dessert. With its natural ingredients and valuable nutrients, halva provides a sense of satiety and energy. Rich in plant oils and proteins, it serves as a source of sustained energy and can be an excellent choice for a snack or for replenishing energy after physical activity. Moreover, halva has a low cholesterol and sugar content, making it an appealing option for health-conscious individuals. Allow yourself to enjoy halva and experience the pleasure of its taste and nutritional benefits!
Enjoy the taste of our halva with our 350 g packaging. This packaging is ideal for those who want to indulge in larger portions of halva or for special events.

Flavor: Plain

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